You worked hard to bring your vision to life.

Let us share your story with the world.

Symphony is a research-based communications agency serving disruptive technology and healthcare companies, organizations in transition, and brands that are dedicated to helping humans flourish.

Our Approach

We ask the right questions, provide the best insights and tell the most compelling stories. ​Because the quality of our inquiry matters, good strategy requires deep understanding and emotion precedes action.


We help you discover and understand your "why?" with custom qualitative and quantitative research, then we shape it into a compelling narrative that inspires action among your target audiences.


As a results-oriented agency, we don't stop at simply raising awareness for your company. ​We generate outcomes that increase your revenues, grow your audience and move your business forward.


Repositioning an iconic site for future acquisition.

Simplifying complicated technology with concise language.

Elevating the message and stepping into the spotlight. 

Media Temple Culture Refresh
vMocion Launch
Canary Health Messaging
Thismoment Repositioning



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